High Bay Sensors

These streamlined solutions save time, money, and energy with easy installation and operation, easy energy savings, and out-of-the-box operation with no commissioning required. They offer less wiring for new construction and retrofits, and are easily programmed using an IR remote or a mobile app on a smart device.


High Bay Microwave 0-10V Fixture Mount Occupancy Sensor

A 5.8 GHz motion sensor with energy-saving occupancy detection, multi-level control, adjustable timeouts, and a built-in photocell, suitable for high bay fixtures up to 50ft high and 30ft coverage radius.

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Smart IP66 PIR Integrated Fixture Mount Sensors

Designed for use with switching or 0-10V dimming drivers, these sensors feature multiple daylight modes as well as partial-OFF operation. Ideal for installations requiring energy code compliance. Configuration is made using the Leviton Smart Sensor App.

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MyLeviton App

Set Schedules

  • Manage your whole home – capture room scenes, customize lighting settings such as fade rates, and enjoy convenient remote control of devices and activities.
  • Use the app to easily create schedules that turn lights on and off throughout the day

Control Individual Devices or Rooms

  • Control lights, fans, and plug loads from anywhere
  • Brighten a light fixture or quickly turn on an entire room

Simplify Automation

  • Activities like “Movie Time” or “Game Night” make adjusting home lighting quick and easy
  • Use your Voice, App, or Scene Controller Switch to control devices and lighting scenes

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