These products offer strength, speed, one-person setup and operation, anodized frames to resist corrosion and easy wire changes without impacting other wires on the cart. If you are frequently changing or dropping conductors, these products are ideal for you and your jobsite.

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Maxis® XD1

Extreme Duty Circuit Puller

  • Patent-pending design offers both strength under load and speed
  • Reduces installer fatigue by eliminating the need for manual wire or rope pulling
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SIMpull Barrel™ HandTruck

The SIMpull Barrel™ Hand Truck makes it easy to handle and transport your SIMpull BARREL™ Drum.

  • The SIMpull Barrel™ Hand Truck, replaces the old wire cart and reels and the issues associated with them
  • The hand truck includes a wire payoff feature, and is designed to transport the SIMpull Barrel™ Package anywhere on the jobsite 
  • Solid rubber tires for no-flat jobsite peace of mind 
  • Rugged steel frame with unique design

SIMpull® CoilPAK™ Cart

The best material handling solution for SIMpull ® CoilPAK™ Wire Payoffs.

  • Rugged transport system for (8) SIMpull® CoilPAKS™  with an integrated payoff system
  • Allows SIMpull® CoilPAKS™ to be added or changed easily without impacting other SIMpull® CoilPAKS™ 
  • Innovative staging springs allow you to secure and organize up to 8 wires
  • Best for scenarios where conductors are frequently changing, adding or dropping

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