A variety of cable pullers to fit your every need, whether you are looking for a lightweight and high-speed option or something that can handle extreme duty. No matter your requirements, these products will meet and exceed your expectations.

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Maxis® 3K Cable Puller

  • High-speed, lightweight cable puller
  • Setup and operation by one person in 2 minutes
  • Two pulling speeds: 25 ft per min(low) and 100 ft per min(high)
  • Can adapt quickly from underground to overhead pulls
  • No bolting down required
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Maxis® 6K Cable Puller

  • 6,000-pound cable puller
  • Sets up in less than 2 minutes
  • Adapts quickly from underground to overhead pulls
  • No need to bolt to the ground on most pulls
  • Can be anchored to most trucks’ standard 2” receiver hitch
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Maxis® XD10 Extreme Duty Cable Puller

  • Strongest, fastest 10,000 lbs. cable puller
  • Gear reducer design ensures increased efficiency, durability, and power
  • Operating temperature kept low
  • Includes fixed caster brakes for ease in setup and positioning
  • Single-foot control for convenience
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Pulling Rope

Cable pulling rope designed for high breaking strength with low stretch.

  • Heavy Duty: Superior breaking strength, low stretch, UV resistant
  • Composite Double Braid: Cross weave provides increased strength and pulling capability
  • Ready to Pull: Factory spliced pulling eye at each end



⅛” 600 ft. QWIKrope®

High-performance pulling rope made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers.

  • Breaking strength of 1,100 lbs.
  • Ultra-low stretch, UV resistant, lightweight pulling rope
  • Does not absorb water, no rope rot

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