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Non-continuous pathway support solution with a wide base design and smooth beveled edges to provide a large bending radius for high-performance data cables and fibre optics.

  • Provides optimal support for high-performance data cable
  • Typically requires less time, labor and material for installation compared to cable tray systems
  • Requires no screws, rivets or special tools for assembly
  • Provides superior fill capacity and load rating over most other non-continuous cable support alternatives
  • Offers a variety of attachment methods
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Speed Link

Designed to combine a unique collection of features to provide the most value to the end user. Specifically, there are three main features and applications that make the Speed Link SLK Locking Device different from any other wire rope support system on the market.

  • The inside of the device has two jaws gripping the wire as opposed to the much more common single-cam device
  • The device can be easily installed without keys or tools. The release tools are big enough to be easily used with gloves, unlike other smaller devices on the market
  • Used in HVAC, Datacom, and Electrical applications
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Streamlined Datacom Fixing & Fastening

Offers a wide variety of fixing, fastening and support products for datacom installations.

The nVent CADDY catalog offers innovative, time-saving solutions for anything from large bundles to single cables.


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