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Industrial Products

Colonial Electric Supply stocks a wide array of industrial products, ensuring our customers get the exact product they need, when they need it.

Square D’s industrial product lines provides innovative and reliable solutions for various industrial applications, ensuring efficiency, durability, and advanced control in demanding environments.


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Ensure reliable and efficient power management in industrial operations, with robust designs suitable for heavy-duty use.

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Push Buttons & Pilot Lights

Designed for both industrial and medical environments, these feature advanced sealant methods for pollution resistance and a variety of size options for diverse applications.

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Selector Switch

Robust and versatile, ideal for industrial settings, providing efficient control and multiple position settings for varied applications.

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Variable Frequency Drives

Advanced Altivar Drives that control electric motor speeds in industrial settings, enhancing efficiency by adjusting motor frequency and voltage, suitable for a wide range of applications up to 20 MW.

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Terminal Blocks

Engineered for secure and organized electrical connections, offering a dependable solution for complex wiring systems in industrial environments.

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