Transform Your Electrical Work: Efficiency Meets Innovation

Leviton introduces Lev-Lok and Decora Edge, the game-changers in electrical installations. These innovative products are designed to offer time-saving and safety enhancements for installers. With Lev-Lok’s modular wiring devices and Decora Edge’s easy installation method, Leviton is redefining efficiency and reliability in electrical solutions.

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  • Revolutionizes wiring device installation with its unique modular design, facilitating faster and more secure connections.
  • Beneficial in commercial settings where efficiency and reliability are critical.
  • The design simplifies maintenance and upgrades, making it versatile for various electrical applications.
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Decora Edge

  • Recognized for its quick and safe installation process, featuring a distinctive screwless design and color-coded levers for ease of use.
  • Designed to be compatible with 14- and 12-gauge stranded and solid copper wire, enhancing its adaptability.
  • Its innovative features, like the industry-only screwless ground and self-grounding capability, offer unparalleled safety and convenience in residential installations.
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Lev-Lok Modular Wiring Devices


Introducing Decora Edge


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