Simplify Your Building's Lighting Control with Vive by Lutron

Transform your commercial building with Vive by Lutron, the ultimate wireless lighting control solution. Vive is designed to provide unmatched flexibility, making it perfect for both new constructions and retrofits. It offers seamless integration with your existing systems, allowing you to start small and expand as needed, all while ensuring compliance with today’s energy codes.

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Save on time. Save on labor.

Quick installation time – up to 70% faster than wired control solutions – means shorter timelines and lower costs.

Meet code. Meet your needs.

Vive is simple to design and offers flexible, code-compliant solutions for new construction and retrofits.

Solve problems. Adjust effortlessly.

Program quickly with your phone. Adapt to inevitable changes by adding or moving wireless components without rewiring.

Proven technology. It just works.

Millions of wireless systems installed in schools, offices, and universities around the world, backed by industry-leading quality.

Easy to grow. Simple to manage.

Start with one area and grow over time. Make changes without calls to the manufacturer.



Spend $250 on any listed Lutron product in a single invoice and receive a free Diva Smart Dimmer Kit!


Why Choose Vive by Lutron?

  • Flexible Control: Designed to grow with your business, Vive allows you to start with a single room and expand to an entire building as budgets and needs evolve.
  • Comprehensive Energy Management: Save up to 60% on lighting energy costs by utilizing a combination of advanced control strategies.
  • User-Friendly Design: Vive’s intuitive software and mobile app provide easy setup and control, ensuring a seamless user experience.

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