Ty-Rap® cable ties offer a reliable and robust solution for wire management across various sectors. These high-performance ties feature a stainless steel locking barb, designed for optimal function under extreme conditions.

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Flame retardant

Heat resistant


Low temperature flexibility

Radiation resistant

Chemically resistant

Low smoke



See How Ty-Rap® Saved the Day!

When performance matters, you can count on Ty-Rap®.



Wide range of size combinations:

Several lengths up to 1143mm (45″), in 6 typical widths with a tensile strength up to 780N, to fasten cable bundles with a diameter up to 330mm (13″).

Performance Installation Tools:

Industry-leading tools tighten and cut the loose end of cable ties with precision for repeatable, consistent installations that leave a safe, clean edge.

Most extensive choice of special materials:

In addition to Polyamide 6.6 (standard, UV-resistant, heat stabilized, flame retardant, heat stabilized / UV-resistant), Polyamide 4.6 (extra high temperature) and Polyamide 12, the Ty-Rap® ties are available in Polypropylene, Fluoropolymer (ECTFE), Fluoropolymer (ETFE) and the recently introduced Detectable Polyamide 6.6 and Detectable Polypropylene. UL 94 V-0, UL 94 V-2 and UL 94 HB.

Different types of packaging,

Including the unique “workbench boxes” for fast working without problems or losses. Recyclable packaging for a better contribution to the environment.

Outstanding range of special ties,

All with the famous stainless steel locking device: ties with mounting hole or integrated peg/nail, panel mounting ties, identification ties with integrated label.

Broad range of mounting bases and accessories.

Bundling the wire is just one step. ABB offers a wide range of solutions to mount the bundle to a variety of applications as well as specialty solutions for clamping and protecting wire, cable, tube and hoses.


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