New Installation Services

Offering a broad range of service solutions to support the life cycle of any manufacturer’s electrical distribution equipment.


Start-Up and Commissioning

Schneider Electric goes beyond standard inspections by verifying setup and functionality of equipment, and conducting electrical testing to ensure optimal performance and minimize future downtime. Recognized by NFPA 70B for acceptable testing procedures, Schneider provides start-up, commissioning and on-site integration assistance for any brand of equipment, supported by a 24/7 nationwide expert technical team well-versed in the latest design specifications and product developments.


Schneider Electric Field Services, a leader in electrical distribution, provides an array of warranty options including a 12-month extended warranty in addition to the standard 18-month equipment warranty, ensuring long-term investment protection. Customizable to individual needs, these warranty plans can be purchased post-sale, and, if needed, temporary replacement equipment is supplied until repairs are completed. Additionally, Schneider offers an optional in/out warranty covering costs associated with equipment removal, transportation, and re-installation.


Benefits of Installation Services

Precision Assembly

Helps ensure systems are assembled and operating according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Efficient Installation

Helps enable correct operation of the system and makes it compliant with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Dedicated Schneider Electric Qualified Services Personnel

Help free your resources to concentrate on core business activities.


Helps prevent potential problems and helps reduce the risk of costly downtime, while meeting the manufacturer’s standards for a correct installation.

Customer’s Enablement

Allows you to train your staff on enhanced operation and maintenance.


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