Home Automation

Experience cutting-edge power management and security with the Wiser Energy™ Home Power Monitor and Square D’s robust surge protection, providing 24/7 real-time insights into electricity usage and safeguarding your home against voltage spikes.


Wiser Energy Home Power Monitor with Load Control

The Wiser Energy™ home power monitor, in conjunction with the Sense app, provides real-time, detailed insight into your home’s electricity usage, enabling you to manage energy consumption effectively and reduce costs.

  • Easily installed in your home’s electrical panel
  • Offering 24/7 access to monitor and control power usage and devices in your home from anywhere
  • Use a single app for both energy monitoring and device control, including Square D switches, dimmers and outlets.

Surge Protection

Surge protective devices detect transient voltage spikes and utilize internal components, known as Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs), to redirect excess voltage to the ground wire, thus shielding connected electronics. Square D offers comprehensive residential surge protection solutions backed by years of expertise to safeguard your home electrical circuits from surges.


Transform Your Home Energy Management

Wiser Energy reads the currents from various appliances throughout your house, one million times each second, and processes that data to visualize your home energy usage. The technology uses machine learning to look at all the power in your home and pick apart the individual devices that are on and off.


Save Money, Memories and Time

Electrical surges can cause big problems. When surge protection is installed at the electrical panel, it helps protect all the devices in the home, including your appliances.


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