CZS Cruze Selectable Troffer

Cooper Lighting introduces the versatile and innovative Cruze Selectable Troffer, a centerpiece of superior illumination technology designed to enhance any commercial space. This troffer comes with selectable CCT and lumen outputs, offering customizable lighting solutions to meet diverse needs. It combines energy efficiency, advanced optics, and modern aesthetics to deliver unparalleled performance and visual comfort.

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Adjust lumen output levels to create optimal brightness for various applications.

Selectable CCT

Choose from a range of correlated color temperatures (CCT) to create the perfect ambiance.

With its sleek and modern aesthetics, it complements any commercial space while optimizing energy consumption.

Advanced optics ensure balanced, glare-free light distribution for enhanced visual comfort.

Equipped with hassle-free installation features, saving time and reducing labor costs.

Constructed with high-quality materials, it promises long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance.


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